Vintage Love Photoshoot

My grandparents agreed to humor me with a styled photoshoot similar to “The Notebook”, a vintage look we could use to show off their timeless love. We found my grandma a vintage dress off of etsy and took advantage of my grandfathers recent purchase of this antique car. It took very little effort to bring about the timeless look I was going for and we were able to shoot in their backyard here in Elgin, TX. I was blown away by the sweetness of their love for each other and how well it was demonstrated on camera. They are a true life love story, to stand the test of time.  I am so glad they trusted me and let me direct them, and I know these photos will mean more and more to me across the span of my life than I can begin to imagine right now.

I shot with my Nikon D600 and 85mm.1.8 lens and aimed for soft, untouched editing to preserve a classic look that would still be beautiful in a couple of decades. My grandparents are quite literally the sweetest and most wonderful people I have ever met, and anyone who has met them will be quick to agree. I was so honored to get to be part of this experience and document these photos for my family keepsakes.